I've first designed this red simple little creature in 2005.
I believe she "has been in me" for a long long time and always be.
Nina is a little «pupetta» wearing a red dress and a hat. She's a delicate thought and moves around with ironic graceShe explores the inside & the outside, the YOU and ME.
She silently observes and thinks about little thingsNina is the sweet positivity of the eyes looking at her, ...and not everybody can.Enjoy life & all it's other little things!

Born in LONDON in April 1974
My mum was a dancer, my dad was a croupier
Raised in Sanremo by the sea, close to Côte d'Azur (France)
School: Scuola Politecnica di Design Milan
Based in Milan since 2000
Living in loft ( ex-barn dated 1860) surrounded by books, plants and 2 beloved cats.
Author and designer of "Nina and other little things®"
Graphic Professional Designer | Art Director | Set up designer for:
HIGH FASHION BRANDS (Antonio Marras | Kenzo)
LUXURY BRANDS: (MOGIcaffè | Markskynrypppy | Chantecler Jewels) 
PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS/SCHOOLS: Région Île-de-France | Le Corbusier Foundation | IED Milano 

My name is Eloise Morandi, designer of Nina and other little things.
I first designed her on my notebook sitting on a pavement at 4 am in town during the Milan Design Week in April 2005...

I clearly remember that evening, exiting and blooming of imputs, I’ve been through many vernisages (and prosecco’s...), happy crowds, meeting smart designers...then I sat down on the floor to have a rest...As soon as her got shape on the sheet I simply exclaimed «Nina!», and then she was: a «pupetta» made of a irregular circle (head), a triangle (body), 2 long lines (legs) and a short one on the face wich gave her the glance. (then I runned at home and gave her colour, red, which is the first pastel colour I’ve found on my untidy desk...then she became a «red pupetta».

I believe I’ve designed Nina because I needed her. I’ve created my little «escape through the window», my immaginary friend, my accomplice of thoughts, only mine.

From that special spring night I’ve never stopped drawing her, not even one day since then.In 2013 I set up a society based in Milan, called "Nina, what about" with a skilled partner: Mr. Paolo Bazzani.We have been working hard to create the first complete collection which could express our know-how: paper engineering and printing skills, artistic feelings and poetic design.For me poetic design means a simple sign, lightness, the words not said but imagined. The «poetic feeling» comes from the eyes looking at it.
I love for example the awesome drawings of Saul Steinberg, of Linea by Osvaldo Cavandoli, and not last The Peanuts by C.Schulz..so simple...so philosophical..uh and my favorite graphic designer ever: Alan Fletcher.

Nina has no mouth but she communicate, she has no arms or hands but she makes things happen. How? With your immagination. She lives in a ivory limbo, which gives plenty of space for thoughts and evocation. She is yours...many times some nice people told me they feel a little Nina inside them, I call it poetic design.
The collection comprehends: fine stationary, table games, artist booksand other little cuties.
"Nina" it's a poetic design project, all the items can be described as excellent manufacture, obsession for details and very selected eco-friendly materials.

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  Eloise Morandi   Eloise Morandi

In my 40's
  Eloise Morandi
In my 4's.
  Eloise Morandi

In my 40's
  Eloise Morandi




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