Thursday, 28 June 2018


Dear all,
I feel very happy to announce my new collection is finally on line!  [link]
I've named it " B L O O M ! " a word which I do love as might have more than one meaning...
I've been looking for this kind of products for a long time: all the collection is made by the so-called "cellulose fiber",  no leather, no plastic no animal origin
...and it's beautifully printed, it's washable and it looks like paper, magic material...

ESSENT'IAL in 4 words:

Essent’ial is a concept, a lifestyle. A way of living every day with due respect for people, beauty, culture and nature. Of appreciating their inner essence.
Objects made from recycled, certified raw materials. Profound respect for the environment, the countryside and our culture.
Designing objects for everyday use. Apparently shapeless paper, but actually tough, washable, very attractive products.
Simple, essential forms, given life through the tactile appeal of substance: the beauty of simplicity.

...and now Nina adds a fifth word... POETRY on the following items:
• BACKPACK in washable paper [link]
• POUCH in washable paper [link]
• TOTE BAG in washable paper [link]
• POCHETTE in washable paper [link]

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P O C H E T T E - buy on line
Pochette in washable paper, sz. 25,5 x 7,5 x h 14 cm, closure with red zip and little red handle.
Washable in washing machine at 30°. 

T O T E . B A G - buy on line
Bag in washable paper, sz. 33 x 10 x 37 cm | red handles.
Washable in washing machine at 30°

B A C K . P A C K - buy on line
Backpack in washable paper, sz. 14 x 25 x h 40 cm, closure with red zip, internal pocket and adjustable red shoulder straps. Washable in washing machine at 30°

P O U C H - buy on line
Sack container in washable paper, sz. 10 x 12 x h 29/13 cm.
Washable in washing machine at 30°. SUITABLE FOR FOOD


#ninaandotherlittlethings #cellulosefiber #noleather #noanimalorigin #noplastic #100%cottonhandels #magicmaterial #ninavegan #ninabloomcollection

[I've been used some images found on the web but could not reach the actual creator, please notice me whether they are yours]