Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Nina and other little things loves "Lady" Marras - Patrizia Sardo

I've been lucky and honored to work for Antonio Marras by Paolo Bazzani Studio, within the artistic direction and communication, for quite a long time.

I'm the author and creator of Nina and other little things but I love to be connected with Antonio Marras in a way.

Patrizia Sardo Marras and her friend Stefania..and Nina and other little things

Besides the deep poetic and aestethic philosophy of the brand the most important thing is the people around it: Patrizia Sardo Marras which felt in love with Nina and other little things at first sight and gave me the unique possibility to be in Nonostantemarras showroom.

Beautiful things are always in touch :)

Patrizia and Antonio Marras

Patrizia Marras and my business partner Paolo Bazzani

Patrizia Sardo Marras and a pretty li'l girl